PIANO SONGS FOR KIDS – a great first piano book for young kids

Fantastic piano songs that kids will enjoy!

  • When they first start to play the piano, it is important that young kids learn to use all of their fingers correctly and to accurately read each note in the music.
  • Don’t drop your kids into the deep end with music that is too hard!
  • Give them simple, short tunes with colorful illustrations and they will love playing.
  • The more they play, the quicker they learn.

It has lots of explanations so no-one gets stuck!

This music is so easy that children will love it and will make fast progress without getting frustrated.

The whole book is carefully graded and works as a complete MINI PIANO COURSE for kids!

  • 45 songs, including nursery rhymes, English and Scottish folk songs, solos and duets.
  • Really useful introduction, covering basic music theory such as how to find the notes on the keyboard and how to count the beats.
  • Fun quizzes and challenges to make learning more interesting.
  • Quirky, full colour, illustrations brighten up the pages and keep kids interested.

The songs are organised to be inviting to young pianists, starting with just a few different notes and gradually introducing new notes and more difficult tunes. Children are guided through new information and easily progress onto more complex music. By the time they finish this book kids will know how to read sheet music!