Let’s Play Piano: Parts One and Two

LET’S PLAY PIANO: A Complete Course for Young Beginners

Even the youngest beginner will enjoy learning to play with this inspiring and colourful book. All the basics are covered in easy stages and students will soon be playing simple tunes.

The emphasis is on learning to read the music well with a wide variety of activities designed to make lessons fun and interesting.

In Part One students are introduced to 5 right hand notes (C, D, E, F and G) and 5 left hand notes (C, B, A, G and F). Musical concepts such as dynamics and tempo are introduced through a variety of well known tunes.

What teachers have said:

22nd Feb 2018
This is a superb beginners book, ideal for the very young pupil, so very pleased with it, as a music teacher I’ve seen most of the starter books and can thoroughly recommend this one.

Mrs. F. P. T.
17th Feb 2019
As an experienced piano teacher I have to say this is a good book. A new 7 yr old student had been teaching herself very successfully before starting lessons using this and I see no reason to move her to another tutor series and am considering making it one of my “go to” tutor books. Nice to have something fresh to use..clear uncluttered pages, British time names, pleasant tunes..many with teacher accompaniments.

In Part Two the story of big yellow owl and little blue owl continues as new notes and time signatures are introduced. Lots of lovely tunes here including many that children will instantly recognise.