One Note at a Time

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Fun, fun, fun all the way!

All the time that I was writing this little music book I constantly tried to make it fun for kids to use. The tunes are REALLY easy and the whole layout is inviting to little pianists. The book is graded extremely carefully. Each tune is just a small step harder than the one before so that young learners can move forward through the book without getting stuck.
Large clear print and colourful illustrations will draw children on and keep them at the piano keys for many hours.

Pianists will need to use both hands and will learn to read music in the treble AND bass clef, but they will never have to play more than one note at the same time. This will build their music skills without leading to the frustration that they sometimes have when trying to co-ordinate two hands which are doing different things:(

Look out for:

  • Over 40 songs, including nursery rhymes, Scottish and English folk songs, solos and duets.
  • A really useful introduction covering basic music theory such as how to find the notes on the keyboard and how to count the beats.
  • Fun quizzes and challenges to make learning more interesting.
  • Quirky illustrations brighten up the pages and keep kids smiling.

I hope you will give it a try, Heather

Click here to download the worksheets for the book.